Unique technology solutions backed by scientific collaboration

Flagship delivers state-of-the-art tissue image analysis technology coupled with a team of experts who partner with you to ensure more efficient drug development and improved patient outcomes.

Our unique, proprietary image analysis technology delivers:

  • Thousands of measurements on every cell across an entire slide
  • Data-centric pathology insights on every sample
  • More accurate, tissue-based solutions to help you identify and quantify biomarkers
  • The ability to apply our technology to your existing tissue samples and meet project goals more effectively

By working with our collaborative Flagship team, you will receive:

  • Access to our science and pathology experts in tissue biomarkers for oncology and rare disease
  • A dedicated, experienced project manager who ensures clear communication and delivery of all project elements
  • A collaborative analysis to put the data in context and help you make quick, clear decisions about drug development
  • An enriched clinical diagnostics decision-making process