Data science customized for your project

Flagship is unique in that we provide actionable intelligence, not just raw data. Our experienced analytics experts work with you to explain how the data impacts your drug development, and to establish the appropriate reporting procedures to give you what you need when you need it.

Starting with your biomarker(s) and disease efficacy hypothesis, we create a data profile for each tissue sample. We then curate and process the data into decision-enabling results. Simply put, it’s better data, put to better use.

Standardized Data and Reporting

Need a specific data transfer and/or report structure? Flagship can facilitate any transfer protocol and/or reporting scheme.

Data “Deep Dive”

Work with Flagship’s data scientists to analyze unique cellular data profiles to create a data report specific to your needs.

Immuno-Oncology I-O Analysis

Utilize Flagship’s established I-O cellular measurements to clearly report your data in an intuitive and actionable way.

Phenotype Analysis

Discover phenotypes in your cohort and combine with pathology endpoints to create a powerful profile of your tissues and cohorts.

Predictive Modeling

Using our whole tissue, tumor/TME, and phenotype-specific data, our machine learning algorithms find endpoints that result in your desired outcomes (patient selection, CDx, etc.).

Our Process