image analysis

Empowering better decisions through unique, cell-based tissue analysis

Flagship’s pathologist-driven image analysis generates unique cellular data profiles that allow for flexible yet robust quantitative solutions. With one of the largest tissue image analysis operations in the world, we provide contextual biomarker data services powered by proprietary image analysis technology. Our patented, cell-based tissue analysis delivers high-complexity, data-rich tissue interpretations that remove the inherent variability of subjective manual scoring.

Our tissue data approach incorporates image analysis, machine learning, statistical analysis, and pathologist oversight. This process results in increased sensitivity, precision and reproducibility, helping our partners tailor their therapies to targeted patient populations.

  • Capture thousands of data points per cell
  • Identify cells through a process that optimizes tissue and cell differentiation in the context of the biology
  • Utilize traditional scoring paradigms or novel data driven features

Pathology Endpoints

  • IHC Analysis
  • Scoring Paradigms
  • Tumor/TME Specific Data
  • Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) Counts
  • Spatial Relations
  • Fiber detection
  • Fibrosis characterization

Immuno-Oncology (I-O) Solutions

Characterize the immune response within the tumor micro-environment (TME) by quantifying lymphocytes and macrophages, without the need for specific additional markers.

Clinical Solutions

Work with Flagship’s CAP/CLIA and regulatory specialists to validate your solution for use in clinical applications (patient selection, CDx, etc.).

Custom Analysis

Work with Flagship’s image analysis experts to develop a unique solution for your project and data requirements.

Our Process