For rapid and precise cancer care, pathologists and oncologists need dependable diagnostic testing to connect patients to individualized immuno-oncology therapies.

Flagship’s TissueInsight® diagnostic service offers you access to robust, contextual data for advanced patient care. Our exclusive, targeted testing in our CAP/CLIA lab provides the most accurate and precise tissue scoring available. Combined with our award-winning technology and sign-off from our experienced pathologists on every project, TissueInsight delivers fast, superior results and data-rich tissue interpretations that remove the inherent variability of subjective manual scoring.

We also provide supplementary data describing the tumor immune environment, including tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and macrophages.


TissueInsight: Realizing the Clinical Diagnostic Potential of Digital Pathology.


When you incorporate the TissueInsight diagnostic service, you and your laboratory benefit from:

  • CLIA-REPORTABLE RESULT based on Flagship’s image analysis capabilities and human pathologist oversight for robust, reproducible, and quantitative data
  • POWERFUL INSIGHTS you can use to better collaborate with your clinical partners in patient care, based on Flagship’s tumor microenvironment (TME) analysis
  • TIME you can spend on clinical case work rather than onmanual pathology review
  • IMMEDIATE IMAGE ANALYSIS RESULTS without the need for an upfront monetary investment, internal development time or validation

Flagship can customize results using additional biomarkers and image analysis, and partner with you on research projects within your institution.

Product Workflow

Work With Us

  1. Simply follow your normal IHC slide staining process.
  2. Scan your slide(s) and send the digitalimage(s) to us at Flagship.
  3. We’ll analyze the image(s) using our proprietaryimage analysis process.
  4. Our pathologist will review, confirm, and signoff on the result.
  5. You’ll receive a two-part report containing:
    • Part 1: Your CLIA-Reportable Result
    • Part 2: Your customized, RUO analysis ofthe tumor immune environment

Your Sample Report