Our Process

Combining patented technology with a unique, proprietary process, Flagship delivers better data with more actionable insights.

Flagship’s unique tissue analysis process is based on more than 10 years of experience delivering the most impactful tissue data for drug development. Powered by innovative technology unique to Flagship, and managed by our scientific team’s industry-leading expertise in tissue biomarkers, the Flagship process provides time-sensitive efficiency and the highest level of data quality.

Pathology Process
  1. Sample Receipt
    We receive any type of sample relevant to a clinical trial or tissue diagnostic test (wet tissues, paraffin blocks, frozen sections, stained slides, images, etc.).
  2. Slide Preparation
    A full team of certified histotechnologists prepare slides with any received material.
  3. In Situ Assay
    Our team runs any assay on all of the major autostainer platforms (Ventana, Dako, Leica) to ensure flexibility and consistency throughout every project.
  4. Scanning/Image Capture
    Our high-throughput scanning lab utilizes the latest technologies for brightfield and fluorescent scanning.
  1. Tissue Image Analysis Result Generation
    Flagship’s unique and patented cell-based image analysis technology, and the related workflow, ensure the most informative contextual tissue measurements while being flexible enough to analyze even the most challenging clinical samples.
  2. Pathology Review of Tissue Image Analysis Results
    Exclusive to the Flagship process, a board-certified pathologist reviews the analysis results on every sample, providing the gold standard in tissue analysis and ensuring the highest quality data.
  3. Tissue Data Analytics
    Also unique to the Flagship process, we employ proprietary machine learning and AI technologies to uncover the most important data in your clinical tissue biomarkers for patient selection, hypothesis testing, or understanding changes in cellular biology.
  4. Reporting
    Flagship’s intuitive data reporting gives researchers, clinicians, and drug developers the actionable information needed to drive better clinical results for patients. This level of reporting is not available anywhere else.

For the gold standard in tissue analysis, contact Flagship Biosciences and learn how our proprietary technology and unique process can help drive better decision making in your drug development program.