Multiplex Assays

for in-depth tissue profling and therapeutic testing using multiple biomarkers

We help you analyze more data in more depth so that you can produce more effective therapies.

New therapeutics are increasingly targeting multiple molecules with complex and cascading effects. Yet, single markers are frequently used in evaluation studies – this leaves blind spots that can lead to an incomplete or inaccurate picture of treatment safety and efficacy.

Cutting-edge drug developers need to be able to analyze multiple markers simultaneously across tissue types, especially for immuno-oncology applications. Flagship Biosciences provides custom and off-the-shelf multiplex panels backed by pathology review and industry leading artificial intelligence.

Quantify thousands of per-cell characteristics:

  • Localized biomarker information
  • Morphological, spatial, and relational characteristics
  • Specific cellular phenotypes
  • Marker expression levels
  • Spatial relationships between marker phenotypes and expression levels
  • Common targets include CD3, CD4, CD8, CD21 PD‐L1, CCR7, CTLA‐4, and FoxP3

Curious how multiplex assays are changing the game for biomarker strategy and immuno-oncology?

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