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Our sophisticated spatial biology and biomarker analysis solutions give you a distinct advantage in drug development and clinical diagnostics

Powered by award-winning, proprietary technology and a multidisciplinary team of experts, Flagship Biosciences brings simplicity to a complicated pathology world.

From developing and validating an assay to employing the most comprehensive image analysis data, we provide a full, end-to-end solution for discovering and contextualizing the most relevant endpoints in a CAP/CLIA or RUO setting.

Our unique, proprietary image analysis technology provides thousands of measurements on every cell across an entire slide for validated spatial insights on every sample. Flagship’s technology, team, and proven process have provided superior data for hundreds of clinical trials.

The Flagship approach:

  • Saves time and money in predicting patient response and demonstrating mechanisms of action
  • Dramatically improves accuracy
  • Accelerates the development process through more robust data
  • Enriches the clinical diagnostics decision-making process

Quite simply, we’re changing the drug development paradigm.

Our Services


Cell-based image analysis, assays, and partnership to advance clinical trials and regulatory acceptance.

Clinical Diagnostics

Dependable clinical diagnostic testing to connect patients to individualized, immuno-oncology therapies.

Benefits of Collaborating with Flagship

More accurate and informative tissue data and analytics

Collaboration with our world-renowned scientific team

Increased speed to market for your drug development programs

Enriched clinical diagnostics process for better outcomes